Terms & Conditions

A box order for a certain shipment date, means you are reserving space in the container for your box. The reservation is first completed and approved when you have ordered a pick-up date, which should be done more than 3 weeks prior to the requested shipment.

Confirmation of your reservation made only within the 2 weeks before shipping, is only valid if there is still space to accomodate your box in the container, otherwise your box will be moved to the next shipment date. Customers will be notified of such prior to the departure of shipment.

Please note that our pick-up schedule are with fixed dates for the designated areas.


Delivery of box(es):

A deposit of DKr. 100,- (within Fyn/Jylland) pr. large box.

This deposit is non-refundable incase of cancellation.  If there have been no changes made to the reservation of shipment date, the deposit of DKr. 100,- will be deducted from the full price upon pick-up of box.

Box deliveries outside of Copenhagen and Odense with a radius of 25km - an additional Dkr. 160 to cover the postage cost.  " Up to 6 boxes ".

(outside this area you may collect the box from a contactperson near your place)

Changes or Cancellations of Shipment/Pick-Up Dates:

Customers are allowed to change the shipment date once (1) free of charge within the first 2 shipments following, given that we be advised 3 weeks prior to the requested shipment.  Assuming that no pickup date has been requested and no changes have been made to the shipment date, this will automatically result in your reservation being transferred to the next shipment.

Changes of pick-up date are allowed 1 (one) week before the assigned pick-up.

If boxes are not ready during the scheduled pick-up date, normal fare applies plus an extra charge of Dkr. 150,-.

Cancellation of shipment less than 2 weeks prior to the shipment, will result in a penalty of Dkr. 300,-

Overweight Boxes - Manila may reject boxes that are extremely overweight, and in such cases it is the sender's duty to fetch and/or repack the box at our Warehouse.  


* In case of illness or minor setbacks, Connect Logistics - Balikbayan has the right to push the date of shipment with a week or two.


Method of Payment


We accept Bank Transfer or Mobilepay.  If you choose bank transfer, please notify us of this and an email or sms will be sent with our bank account details. Bank transfer should be made 48hrs prior to scheduled pick-up.  Our mobilepay nr. is stated on the pricelist given during box delivery.


Freight Liability Limitations


A container is hired for consignment.  It is insured by the shipping company from the port of origin to the port of destination.  Once at port of destination, the shipment is insured against loss or damages by BEFF Corp. (company in charge of the shipment upon arrival at Manila Port).  The box contents are insured with a sum of up to max. PHP 10.000,- pr. Box.

Connect Logistics - Balikbayanbox is NOT liable for any loss or damages of breakable and perishable items such as glasswares, electronic devices, jewelries and silverwares.  More so, if the box is broken due to obesity or bulky, our insurance DOES NOT cover for loss or damages of box content.  Complaints for any loss or damage due to the handling and deliveries of boxes, shall be made in writing by the receiver within twenty-four hours (24hrs) upon receival of box and duly endorsed to BEFF Corp. or its assigned Area Agent.  The freight and liabilty will not cover any undeclared item.

Custom and Assesment

Connect Logistics - Balikbayanbox requires sender to comply in filling up the "Detailed Packing List" properly and honestly.  Shipment is subject to customs inspections and assesment. Personal effects such as clothing, toiletries, limited number of canned goods of which is 12pcs per item for non-commercial use is exempted from taxes.  Whereas highly luxurious valuable items, whether brand new or used, i.e. appliances, electrical items, bicycles, carpets, leather upholsteries, chairs, cabinets, and paintings of art are definitely taxable.  Sender or consignee is obliged to comply in payment of the corresponding amount of tax required, based in the tariff classification of taxable items.  Firearms, ammunitions, explosives, flammables, drugs, narcotics, toxic and hazardous chemicals are stricctly prohibited to contain in the shipment. Connect Logistics - Balikbayanbox and BEFF Corp. has the right to file suit against the sender or senders of items found illegal to cover all expenses incurred in the delay of said shipment.



NB. Normal Fare plus an additional charge of Dkr. 150,- for bulky or overweight boxes.



The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from
Connect Logistics - Balikbayan. Conditions apply in cases where there are no
other written agreements between you as buyer and Connect Logistics - Balikbayan.
Documentation and guidance
If there are product descriptions and manuals for the product, follow
those with delivery from Connect Logistics - Balikbayan. For further information or
advice from Connect Logistics - Balikbayan page, is this a guide. Connect Logistics - Balikbayan warrants that the goods meet the requirements for CE marking.
Delivery and transport
Delivery of goods from Connect Logistics - Balikbayan is considered done when the consumer has received goods supplied. Shipment of goods made with Post Denmark or GLS.
Delivery time:
Delivery is usually within 5-7 working days.
The risk of the goods
The risk of goods purchased in Connect Logistics - Balikbayan transferred to you as a consumer at time of delivery.
Any errors or shortcomings in the supply of Connect Logistics - Balikbayan, must be invoked
within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to set and
upon request, show how the error manifests itself. If you discover a mistake, you can quickly contact Connect Logistics - Balikbayan. 
Price and payment
This system does not use payments, as this is handled by Connect Logistics and their partners in Denmark.
Connect Logistics - Balikbayan offer a 14 day return, valid from the day you receive
your goods. You are required to return the item in the same condition and
quantity as it is received. You will bear the costs
associated with returning the product.

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